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Baby Boomers and Seniors Wade Through Years of Possessions

Antique stuff Downsizing: the act of making something smaller, reducing the size… If used in referring to your home or personal possessions, it’s an act that focuses on de-cluttering, eliminating and letting-go. At Moving On with Style when it comes to downsizing, when it comes to helping seniors downsize, we like to put a spin on it and call it – RightSizing. It’s not about how much stuff you keep, but instead making a conscious choice to keep only the right-stuff. Those things, the “stuff” that actually contributes to your life now – today! Whether you call it down-sizing or downsizing or right-sizing…

Think about the many good things that could be added to your life with the freed up space – dreams you could revive, hobbies you haven’t had time for, energy that can be spent on grandchildren, volunteering & friends. Keep your goals in mind and the process will move more quickly and with less stress.

RightSizing is a positive approach we use whether we are working with:

  • Baby Boomers moving, to their retirement residence.
  • A Senior moving to an assisted living community.
  • A newly married couple, combining households.
  • Seniors and Baby Boomers moving from the home, where they raised children and the focus was on family, to a smaller space, will need to downsize considerably, that’s a daunting task at best.

The rightsizing perspective looks to incorporate the past and its fond memories in right proportion to the life at hand.  When your living space is so full of the past there’s no room for flexibility or for growth, or the unexpected.

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