Do you work at the coffee table?

Coffee table clutter before

If you work at the coffee table? – Many people have a favorite chair and while they have something to drink or watch  TV… while there they’ll open mail,  take calls or return them, make notes. Things inevitably gather and get left behind, for us ladies, that often includes earrings, hair clips and rings.   Instead of chastising yourself because you don’t automatically put them away. That’s ideal but life interrupts our best intentions.

So prepare in advance, put out a small container to hold  jewelry and small items, a small basket, in this case I used a flea market silver cup and dish.   I also used a napkin hold for the info papers and a notebook.

Mind Savingcoffee table after Tip – A single notebook has proven very helpful to me, no posits or back of an envelope jot. When I need to save some miscellaneous piece of information, a phone number I’ll only use in the moment, reminders and  ideas I want to remember or to do lists into the notebook they go. I always no where I took down some obscure piece of information.  It’s best when the notebooks are the same, and they type that are perforated in case you FullSizeRenderwant to keep it attached to a file. One more thing remember to date your notebook when you start and then again when you fill it up.

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