Downsizing: Question When?

The Answer : Start Now!

It’s time to stop making excuses, it’s time to take the mess,the clutter, and the stress that comes along with them OUT of your life.

Downsizing, getting-your-house-in-order, de-cluttering, clearing out. organizing – by any other name is just as wrought with confusion, regret, disappointment, and plain old anxiety. “Whew!” It had to said.

Want to make it more palatable? Start now. There is a weight to all that stuff, seems like the less necessary the clutter the heavier it is. If you find yourself really resistant (or have a spouse that is) start by reducing just a little “20 out in 10” The goal is to remove  20 items in 10 minutes, to the recycle bin, to the charity box, and yes, even to the trash.

Do it, it’s FREE-ing  AND can build momentum.  When? Now!

Chunk-it. (not chuck, that may come later). Focusing on one area at a time – let’s start small, first area will be your mind. You need to be in the mind set to make these life changes.

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