I’m a Teller, you’re a Teller too!

STORY-TELLER that is! We all are, because we all have a story to tell. That’s something I’ve believed for a long time. A good Business Narrative can do more good than walls & walls plastered with the latest marketing promises. This weekend I had the chance to experience some of best examples Colorado has to offer in wonderful, glorious, entrancing storytelling! I went the the Rocky Mountain Storytellers Conference from the Masks that came to Life to Harmonica Playing Rattlesnakes, it was a thoroughly inspiring event.

I thought this perspective would be useful in my work, as Seth Godin says, “Marketers are just good storytellers!” When I work with a client, whether business consulting or coaching, it begins with listening for “their story” It’s always the story that brings their situation to life. We can talk about strategy and goals, but it’s the story that tells me what tactics are really in play. I digress. So, I went to take some classes, and I picked some great ones:
Interviewing & Oral History Techniques in Gathering Stories
The Use of Movement, Gestures, & Humor In Storytelling
Use Storytelling to Calm Fears, and Overcome Everyday Obstacles

I know the ideas and examples that were shared will benefit my clients and audiences. If you ever have to make a point memorable or demonstrate values then storytelling is the best way to draw a picture that will have lasting meaning and inspiration in it.

I have to say that the best parts of the weekend were listening to exceptional Tellers share their stories! Pam Faro, was one of my favorites! If you get the chance to hear her, don’t miss it! In a world that too often overwhelms us with media that invades our space, listening to a well-crafted, well-told story, exercises the imagination muscles and we can all use that. And if that story tells of our past, or reminds us of a beloved person, that’s something to be counted as a real treasure!
Pam says, “Do you want to create a better world? — It starts with imagination…
When stories are shared—relationship is born, empathy is nurtured, community is possible.”
Thank you Pam and all the Conference Tellers!