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Hate moving?! Think Packing is the worst? Unpacking takes so long?! You need to get a move completed, get settled? Need to move Mom? Need help relocating a Senior?

Use Moving-On with Style’s ‘RightSized Way™’ for your move and you’ll be quickly settled and home again. Moving the RightSized Way™ is the sensitive & sensible solution…

We’ve created a well-thought-out process to give our clients and their possessions the attention they deserve (unlike traditional moving companies where carrying out the furniture, loading the truck is the main focus, unpacking just means taking stuff out of a box) – Our method takes into consideration your needs at your present and future location.

Young professionals, small businesses, baby-boomers and the seniors in their life, will find Moving the RightSized Way an ideal service. Life’s turning-points often force a change in living arrangements – from larger estates to small apartments/condos or vice versa, we’ll handle all or some of the details.

Handling the details for you will ease what is an over-whelming process. We can arrange for dispersing the things you aren’t keeping (bring to recycle location, arrange for charity, mail items) and create a plan. Carefully getting your possessions safely and sensibly stowed to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

Something special to consider – if you’re 60 or more, moving later in life can present all kinds of different challenges – having more stuff to deal with in the least. We are specifically trained to understand and be sensitive to those issues.

How We Can Help:

Space Planning

RightSizing™ is the UPside to downsizing your home & possessions!

We are not a traditional “moving company.” Moving-On with Style has the ability to be flexible and to work within people’s budgets. So, we offer a a variety of ways in which we can work, various time related packages. We promise to reduce the chaos and make the process as painless as possible.


We’ll help you decide what you really want to, or need to, or ought to keep and move and what should be given away, sold or stored, as well as organizationally sorting the lotsSuitcasespacking to the make settling-in at your new home go more quickly and smoothly, and back to the business of living without the usual caos of a move. When we help with the packing, it will be done sensibly and with genuine care and concern for your things. Boxes will be well labeled for contents and location (no neatly packed dirty dishes, or trash filled trashcans, no upside-down jewelry boxes in a tangled mess, no neatly packed empty juice bottle/no top!).

For instance, we can do any or all of the following:

  • We can simply create a written moving plan (including signs and labels).
  • Space management planning managing what you need to pack and where it should go in your new location.
  • Supervise an entire move – manage packing, loading, arranging for utilities, transportation of unique items, storage when necessary, and other processes that may necessary.
  • We can offer resources or aid you in the distribution of things that you want sell, or given away to friends, family or charity, or discarded.
  • Manage the settling-In – doing all or part of the unpacking and putting things away in an organized way and arranging furniture, artwork etc. with a style that suits the client, as well as, space its self with any of its unique idiosyncrasies.

It all starts with a consultation usually takes about an hour. After seeing what there is, what needs to be handled and learning the destination, then Katie will make the suggestions for the best way to proceed. Contact Katie today to get started!

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